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Did you ever wonder if you could use a self help E book or E course? Take a minute or two and do the quiz. Find out.

Be a Better You in All You Do.

Do you want to change your life? Take this brief Self Help Quiz and find the answer for yourself.

I once read that if you take away just one idea from every Self Help thing you do, you’ll soon have a blueprint for living that will allow you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Perhaps there is a Self Help article, a DVD, a Self Help E book or E course you’re considering. Try it. You might learn one thing that will improve your life.

1. Is There Something You Always Wanted to Do That You’re Not Doing?

Most of us have a niggling itch about something we always wanted to do or try. I always wanted to write and paint. Now I do both.
These yearnings do not go away. You always have that little voice that says “Gee, I wish I had the time, money, education, whatever to do . . .
It might be a career or a hobby. It can be a major or minor itch.
You wish someone could help you do it. Perhaps you could learn to help yourself if you had the tools.
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2. Would You like to Know How to Improve Your People Skills?

Do you have one or more persons in your life that you’re harboring a resentment toward?
Maybe you’re blaming them for something that’s wrong in your life.
Maybe you just wish they would go away or stop behaving the way they do.
Whatever it is, you’re not comfortable with the relationship. Life coaching might help. Maybe you need a self help E book or E course to clear it up. Check out our store.

3. Do You Ever Wish You Had More Time?

Did you every wish you had more time to do the things you’d like to do?
Does it seem like what you want to do keeps getting shoved aside because someone or something is making demands on your time?
Maybe you should take a Time Management class.
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4. Do You Often Wish You Knew How to Have More Money?

Do you ever wish you could increase your income but you just don’t see a way to do it?
Maybe you’d like to find a way to add to your livelihood. There is help for you.
Look around and you’ll find something. Then take action.
Find Life Coaching courses that answer these self help questions.
We got the answers.

5. Would You like to Know How to Be More Creative?

Do you ever wish you had the talent to create something original? But you pass it off with, “I’m just not creative.” Everyone is creative.
What if you took a jewelry making class? Or took up photography as a hobby, maybe a Self Help book would open the doors to your creativity.
Yes we can help.

6. Would You like to Know the Secrets of Peace of Mind?

Sometimes it seems anxiety rules and stress is the order du Jour.
Have you ever thought there must be a way to live without worry and stress?
Maybe a Self Help book or a class has the answer.
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7. Would You like to Know How to Find a Life Coach?

You may have considered hiring a life coach but it costs too much.
Maybe there’s a class, a DVD, a seminar, a book or a self help E course that would unlock the door.
There maybe an answer; It could be right in front of you. You can learn how to be your own Life Coach.
We got that too.

8. Do You Want to Change Your Life?

Take action. It doesn’t matter what you do. Do something: Buy a book, go to a seminar, get a video, get some help; it’s all around you. Make a decision to change your life.
Take charge. Take a look at life coaching. Create your own life Blueprint. Learn to live in the now.
Pick one of our How to aides and start today.

9. Would You like to Know How to Become More Confident?

Confidence is built by living life your way. You can learn to do that by changing how you think.
Find a Self Help program that helps you change your thinking. Learn how to set and achieve your goals, manage time and get a new attitude.
We got it!

10. Are You Willing to Learn How to Change Your Life?

There is only one way to change your life. That is to make a decision to change. Then take action.
There are tons of self E books, and E courses available. Some materials are better than others.
You’ll never now if it will help you until you try it. How do you know how good the water feels if you spend your life on the shore?
If you answered yes to just one of the above questions . . . You would benefit from Self Help Life Changing materials.
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Wee’s Bio

I wanted to post this bio so you could know me better.

Hopefully you’ll find the perfect E book or E course at or at

Here’s the incredible story of how Wee Dilts came to write these dynamite
E courses and Self Help E books.
You may be wondering what qualifies the author to teach you Self Help, Sales Training, and Life Changing Secrets.
Let me share a few of her life experiences and you’ll quickly see how she qualifies as an expert.

Wee Dilts is a native of Colorado. Growing up in a small town, she earned college money waiting tables and barrel racing in local rodeos.
She graduated high school at sixteen and went to college on a full scholarship.
She holds advanced degrees in education, psychology and guidance counseling.
Her life has been dedicated to helping others.

Wee begin her working years as a physical education teacher. She immediately saw the need for a special “Opportunity P.E.” class for potential drop out students. She created such a class and her pilot program is still the model for opportunity classes.

In her quest for learning, she moved on to earn degrees in counseling and psychology. Then she spent the next several years counseling and teaching psychology.
Once again she saw a need. And this time she developed a four course curriculum for at risk students. With hand picked staff and students, many potential dropout students took her Opportunity Classes and most of them graduated.
Without her program, they might have slipped through the cracks.

Wee met her own life crisis with alcohol abuse. Simultaneously with finding her sobriety she began the study of New Age Metaphysical teachings.
Once again, her urge to know more, caused her to leave education; she switched careers to Real Estate and immediately became a top producer for a large company in San Diego County.
She saw a need for a Flat Fee Multiple Listing program which would help For Sale by Owners save money. She created the original Flat Fee Real Estate program and Franchises; as a result of that, she wrote the T A G Sales Training manuals for owners and their agents. These manuals are the basis for the T A G Sales Training E courses now being offered and

You can readily see she has the life experiences, the education and the training to be called an expert. She is eminently qualified to put forward expert advice and to offer you an opportunity to Change Your Life with     T A G Sales Training E courses and Self Help E books and E courses.

She’s a life time student of the metaphysical and spiritual life. Her writings offer outstanding personal guidance for living life. and

The Golden Rule


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What’s happened to Common Courtesy?

I began noticing five or six years ago, and it has gotten worse. Where have our manners and kindliness gone?
Do we just not care?
Is it the war?
Is it the recession?
Is it the times?
Or what?
You may not be able to answer the questions but you can take positive action.
“Courtesy is a small act but it packs a mighty wallop.”

I’ve decided to do something about my own anger and resentments. I practice the 15 Tips below and try to make my little corner of the world a better place.
Here’s how you can bring the Golden Rule back. You can help bring civility to our world.

15 things you can doTake a time daily to:
1. Read something spiritual
2. Meditate
3. Write a grateful list
4. Tell someone you love them
5. Smile and wave at your neighbor
6. Let someone in front of you on the drive to work
7. Open a door for someone
8. Smile at three people before noon
9. Laugh at yourself at least once before the end of day
10. Compliment someone
11. Say “Thank you” to someone
12. Make eye contact with people
13. Keep your thoughts’ positive
14. Clean up a drawer, a file, your garage, or closet
15. Spend time with people you love

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“Life is short but there should always be time for courtesy.”

These 15 Tips will make you and those around you happier. If everyone just did this every day, the world would be a better place.
Perhaps someone else will see you do a kindness and decide to act nicer too, and it will cause a ripple effect.
Thomas Fuller:
“All doors open to courtesy.”

“Courtesy should be a continuous action, not something to be turned on and off like a faucet.”
Perhaps if you start, with the tips above, you’ll affect another person to do the same. They in turn may affect others and a whole ripple of good will and courtesy will spread out and make our society a nicer place.

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2010

What Happened to Common Courtesy

What’s Happened to Common Courtesy?
Confucius: “When music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war.”

Common Courtesy could be defined as:
A courteous act
A generous behavior
Acting politely
Behaving with consideration
Being kind to others

To demonstrate my concern for what has happened to common courtesy, I even found it defined using four letter words.

What has happened to common courtesy?
A couple of days ago, I was nearly run over in the store by a thirty-year-old mother and her two kids. No apology, no recognition, nothing.

Too often these days, this seems to be the prevailing behavior; the general attitude is “Me, me, me”.
I’m 81 years old, I still open doors for the elderly, disabled and others. What’s happened to our courtesy and good manners?

Why does our society seem so angry?
We didn’t used to have:
Road rage
Work place shootings
School shootings
Kids beating other kids
Parents beating each other and their kids.
We used to wave to people on the road. Now, we give them a one finger salute. It’s not pretty.

Is it the economy?
The political evil in Washington?
Is it too many people?
Is it the proliferation of cell phones?
What’s happened?

I don’t know what has caused it. I do know it can be changed by one person at a time changing their behavior.

“It is difficult to find a courteous person today who isn’t trying to sell you something.”

One of the things you can do, is to take a look at your anger. Who did it to you? Who made you mad?

Find out. Write a Resentment Inventory.
List everyone you blame for your life and everyone you resent. Who done you wrong? What did they do? Write it down. Then forgive every one of them, release them and let it go.
It’s simple say something like, “John, I no longer blame and resent you. I bless you; I release you.”
Reexamine your list. Then make an amends to all the people you blame and resent.

Finally, release resentment and blame from your consciousness.
When did you loss faith in mankind? When did you notice the world was an angry place?

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A H A moments happen more frequently then we think.

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Eye Contact installment two

Let me first of all apologize for the L O N G delay in posting. I have been ill.


Ready to resume eye contact?

So are the eyes a window to the soul? I’d say so.
What is the power of ey
e contact?

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“An eye can threaten like a loaded gun, or it can insult like hissing or kicking or in its altered mood, be a beam of kindness. It can make the heart dance for joy.”
Although words will probably never be found to communicate what actually transpires when you are communicating with another living creature through eye contact. Maybe it should it be “I” contact?
Besides touch, eye contact is the most powerful way of delivering personal cues.
For instanc
e, eye contact shows personal involvement and creates intimate bonds. Mutual gazing narrows physical gaps. It brings people closer.
The eyes play an indispensable role in effective communication and the building relationships.
The look of love; remember that look and the physical wham when wordlessly you knew you were attracted.
What can you say with the eyes?
Eye contact says to the other person:
I am interested in you
I respect you
I trust you
You have my attention
I value you



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Now get  this, there is the avoidance of eye contact like the elevator stare. Fear of making eye contact with strangers and wild animals. Eye contact can be perceived as a challenge a precursor to aggression.
We probe each others eyes for mood signs like:
Let’s face it, trust can be developed almost immediately through eye contact.
Flirting a coy glance can be the beginning of all sorts of things
Bonding eye contact immediately brings two people closer
Feedback on how others are receiving you.
Winking says you and I know.
Our eyes are wonderful gifts. They help us express our feelings of:
And much more, without a word.
Not maintaining eye contact in this country carries the connotation that the person is not trustworthy.
In other countries maintaining eye contact may be considered rude and disrespectful.
What does eye movement mean?

Installment three coming soon


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1st Installment of Eye Contact

Learn the Power of Eye Contact
What is eye contact?
Several popular definitions are:
1. Eye contact is one of the most important nonverbal channels you have for communicating and connecting with others.
2. Defined as a meeting of the eyes between two people expresses meaningful nonverbal communication.
3. Contact that occurs when two people look directly at each other or when two people or animals look into each others eye at the same time.
4. It is the condition or action of looking another human or animal in the eye.
5. Linda Eve Diamond: “The cheapest, most effective way to connect with people is to look them in the eye.”

What does eye contact do?
Eye contact can trigger:

Eye contact is two souls touching. Imagine, all the power your eyes hold.
Of all the ways we communicate, eye contact maybe the most powerful. The first step in establishing communication is eye contact.

Communication with pets and animals is with eye contact, and depending on the animal you maintain or avoid contact.
Did you ever look at a horse and know that your souls had communicated?
Have you ever looked at your dog and known that the two of you connected at a spiritual level?

My best friend and I can communicate volumes with just a glance.
So are the eyes a window to the soul? I’d say so.

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