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How to Live in the “I” of the Storm part two

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The “I” is deep within. Your job is to find it and live there. This is the place where you find calm, quiet, serenity.

Remember peace of mind is the most important goal you can strive to attain.

It’s Up to you.worry_longhair_v4_red-real-cover_upload

You can’t change other people but you can change what is going on in your head.

Conscious cooperation within the Universal Mind is the fundamental process and the power through which we find peace of mind. Peace of mind and the “I” are the same.

Thoughts are things. Worry thinking can cause a hurricane of dreadful proportions. Faith and positive thoughts get rid up worry.

When you live in the “I”, you experience:

Happiness Tolerance Inner peace
Balance and self control
The calm “I” center of the life’s storms

Fear and doubt are evil destructive twins. Replace them with confidence and faith. Effective thinking feeds on calm, poise, balance, and serenity.

To live in the “I” you have to practice the following focusing techniques:

Mind clearing – When you hear the mind chatter, make your thoughts focus on positive thoughts.
Focus – Whatever you want in your life, focus your thoughts on that goal. Form right thinking habits – Constantly monitor your thoughts; don’t allow negative doubtful thoughts to take hold.
Focus on positive thoughts Keeping your life filled with light Focus on Universal mind power and the power of your thoughts. Focus on harmony of thought;allow no discord.
Tell negativity to get lost. Disallow ugliness.

In the “I” you cannot entertain ugliness. Focus only on positive.
With your thoughts you build your life.

Do you like what you’re building? If not, change it. There is no limit to the power of thought.

Thoughts give you the power to overcome any difficulty.

Keep your thoughts focused on:
Success Serenity Health Happiness Prosperity.

How to use your thoughts to build your life.
Within yourself is the cause of disorder and the cause of order. With your thoughts you create poverty or wealth.

If good thoughts are the norm then good experiences will be the result. Strong success thoughts bring about constructive action and so forth. If you allow the mind to dwell on destructive negative thoughts then your experience will be negative.

Hold the mind to positive thought and the results will be positive.
Monitoring your thoughts takes commitment and constant conscious effort, like climbing a mountain.

You better concentrate, as it is a long fall if you slip. It is also a long fall from “I” when your thoughts go astray.

There is real danger in allowing your thoughts to derail.
The “I” and peace of mind.

In the “I” of any storm you can remain calm and serene; even in the midst of:
Economic depressions Market ups and downs
Kids getting in trouble at school Loss of a job Relationship upheavals.

You can learn to maintain a calm centered “I”ness.
Unlike the eye of a great storm, the eye wall is dangerous. The “I” of your life storm also has an eye wall and the eye wall experience can get pretty scarey.
Go to the calming center, the place known as “I”; where everything is perfect and calm. Learn to live in the “I” of your life’s storm and you will never be tossed about by outer events.

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How to Live in the “I” of The Storm – First Half

How to Live in the “I” of the Storm


Staying calm in the center of life’s storm.
As life roars and rains around you, learn to remain peaceful and serene. You can live in a state of calm;
maintain peace of mind no matter the situation.

Violent storms such as tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes are said to have a center, an eye where the weather is calm with sunshine, light winds and light rain. A quiet safe place.

Just outside the eye is the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather occurs.
It is a place full of turmoil; dangerous and frightening with raging waves and pounding rain.

Life offers us similar environments, ones where situations around us can be raging with disorder and agitation; where everything is frightening and dangerous. If you concentrate on the surrounding situation the storm gains intensity.

What is the “I”?
Conversely, if you concentrate on the “I” at the center, you’ll remain calm. WIKIPEDIA defined storms such as cyclones as large and disorganized. Sometimes that’s how your life appears.

The process by which the eye of a real storm forms remains somewhat of a mystery. The “I” of your life storm is no mystery. Learn how to create a calm center live in it.

The eye of the storm over the ocean, can be sunny with no wind; however the waves come from all directions and converge, creating erratic crests and even rogue waves.

In the “I” of your life storm you must strive to center your thoughts. You must calm the chatter of voices in your mind to truly find yourself at one with your higher self.

You’ll experience threats and fear if you don’t know how to live fully in the “I.” There is a way to remain calm and serene no matter what is going on around you.

When your thinking is constructive, it becomes the “I” of your storm. If your thinking is negative, your environment becomes the terrifying eye wall. You get to choose where you want to live. You need to know what to do to go to the “I” and how to stay there.

The inner cause of peace is your thought. Train your mind to choose peaceful thoughts. Teach your subconscious to concentrate on your peace of mind, prosperity, health and happiness.


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Personal Inventory 2nd installment

The only amend you never make is one that would harm some one who knows nothing of your transgression. Such as an affair. You do not apologize to the spouse.

4. Make every amend.
Column four lists the completed amends. A lot of us have a couple of amends we’re afraid to make, they seem insurmountable, impossible. Everyone but that one you’re willing to do. That’s the very one that keeps you from moving forward with your life blueprint.
Think of it as the biggest rock on the lot and it sits where you want your living room. It has to go. Make the amend, blast it out of there and you’re free to start living life.
When your lot is clear. You can start making changes. You can start building your mansion. You have cleaned up the wreckage of your past.
It’s okay to feel really good about your self.

Self analysis is essential. You either go backward or stand still without analysis.
Analyze and move forward even if the pace is slow.

5. Six fears obstacles that get in the way of living life fully
• Fear of what others think
• Fear of losing a relationship
• Fear of appearing foolish
• Fear of failure
• Fear of success
Your completed personal inventory will rid your mind of most of these.
Then concentrate on your basic needs:
Food & water
The rest is fluff
Of course you want some fluff. It’s your blueprint put in everything you want and then don’t be lazy about working on it. You get out of life exactly what you put into it.
How are you doing? Look at the blueprint and check your progress. Do you need any corrections or changes?
How are your habits for budgeting time and money?
Any conduct that your inner self disapproves of?
Are you giving more and better service?
Have you made one person smile today?


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Personal Inventory

Personal Inventory . . . 5 Powerful Steps
Personal Inventory the Most Important Step

You’ve decided you’d like to change some things in your life. You may have already started making changes. Or at least you’re thinking life would be better if you changed a few things about yourself.

We’re not talking about buying a new refrigerator. We’re talking major inside of you spiritual changes.

Think of a personal inventory as clearing the lot. Let’s say you bought a lot on which to build your new custom dream home and the lot was full of brushes, brambles, rocks and trees. You’d have to clear it before you could build, right?

Experts agree without clearing out your mental junk, taking a thorough personal inventory; there is little room for the new you. Thru the years you’ve built up anger, resentments, guilt, misgivings, misguided blame for your life. Before you can expect changes to occur, you’ll have to clean up the wreckage of your past.

1. You do that with a thorough personal inventory. Let’s get started. Make a list of everyone you know. Past, present, dead or alive. Make a 4-column list:
Column one: List all the people you know; live and dead Column two list your misconduct, act, or deed that may have harmed them, don’t start justifying, this is your inventory. Column three lists the amends you owe Column four checked off when you make the amends

2. I done somebody wrong list. In column two: List every wrong, no matter how small. This is your lot you’re clearing, don’t leave tree stumps. You have to remove them.

3. Third column: What amends are your going to make?
If the person is living, you need meet face to face, if that’s not possible then a phone call, If that’s not possible then a letter. No emails. Real hand written letters.
If the person is dead write a letter and mail it. It will go to a dead letter office.

You do not need to elaborate, justify or ramble. Just apologize for whatever the wrong was. If it was monetary, pay back the money, if it was personal, apologize.

You are making a life skills assessment as well. You have qualities you will want to grow and traits you’ll want to change and/or get rid of.

The only amend you never make is one that would harm someone who knows nothing of your transgression. Such as an affair, You do not apologize to the spouse.

Seven Secrets to Success 2nd half

Amends – The fifth step is to make an amends to all persons you have harmed. This is a vital step to once and forever clear any baggage of blame and resentment you might be carrying.

The clearing that comes from this vital step opens the flood gates of creativity, prosperity, and joy of living.

Journaling – Start step six today by doing one of the things that all successful people do; begin the practice of daily journaling. Journaling helps you focus and stay on target. It helps you reach your goals faster.
Meditation- The seventh step is to make time each day for quiet meditation.

It need not be formal or complicated. Simply set aside 10 or 15 minutes each day. Go somewhere where you can be quiet and meditate on you. This is a great time to read something motivational, spiritual or religious. Read an inspirational message, then spend a few minutes contemplating what you’ve read.

Why the bother with all this? Because you can’t progress until you change.
Find out who you are.
When’s the best time to begin these steps? Right now; Begin today.
Winston Churchill:
“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Here’s how to begin:
1. Buy ebooks
2. Take classes
3. Listen to videos
4. Go to seminars
5. Search the web
6. Make a commitment
7. Start

Norman Vincent Peale:
“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Stephen Covey:
“Be patient with yourself. Sel-growth is tender. It’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.”

If you master the seven steps:
1. Time Management
2. Attitude Adjustment
3. Goal Setting
4. Personal Inventory
5. Amends
6. Daily Journaling
7. Daily Meditation
you become the master of your fate.


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John Maxwell:
“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009

Seven Secrets or Steps to Success

Who Else Wants to Know the Seven Steps to Success?

Success is defined as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted:
They attributed their success in business to hard work. The gaining of fame or prosperity.
Your definition may be different but the essence of success for each person is attaining something they desire. Your success may be defined by wealth, peace of mind, or a sense of joy. Hopefully you will achieve all three.

The seven secrets of success will help you achieve your success, no matter how you define it.

Robert Sculler:
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”

These seven steps, when mastered, will lead you to the attainment of all your dreams and goals. You cannot fail.
You need to master these seven steps to be successful in any business and in your daily living are seven fields. If you gain mastery of these steps, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Time Management – The first step you need to master is the art of managing your weekly 168 hours. Manage your time instead of allowing time to manage you.
If you learn to manage the hours in your day based on your peak time and prioritizing each step, you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

Attitude Adjustment – The second step is to learn how to control and adjust your attitude. Chances are your attitude could use some improvement. You control your attitude by controlling your thinking. A positive attitude is a winning attitude. Success and attitude must be married in your new success plan.

Goal Setting – The third step is to learn how to write achievable goals.
No successful person ever got that way without setting goals. Set goals and you will be a success.

Goals must be:
Written – Goals not written are daydreams
Attainable – You must believe you can reach your goals
Specific – Goals must be measurable
Timed – Set a definite time to reach your goals
Rewardable – Always have a reward for reaching a goal
Personal Inventory – The fourth step is to clean up the wreckage of your past. Since success starts with you, you won’t go far until you clean your own house. A thorough personal inventory will clear the path to success.
Without this step you will always struggle for success.

We’ll complete this article next post.

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You’ll be glad you did.

Right Brain Left Brain

Let’s say you are writing an article. You see the whole first then the details because you are predominately right brained. Try this: before you start to write, focus on the details, work the article through step by step, get all the information organized before you begin to write.

You’re making the left brain work. Then the two can come together for a really fantastic article.
GOD HAS YOUR BACK 3D CLOUDpaperbackfront_1400x1976Are you a genius at certain jobs?
Do you feel retarded with other tasks?

The two sides of the brain have definite preferences, different strengths and weaknesses depending on which side of your brain is dominant.
Keep in mind there is not better way to be. You are naturally more one sided than the other. It’s important not to put yourself down because you’re more one way than the other.

Possible Left Brain Occupations
Lab science, researcher
Lawyer, judge
Possible Right Brain Occupations
Forest Ranger, Wildlife manager

It’s fun to work with doing things from your less dominant side. It may also be frustrating but it helps you become more balanced.

You may not want to change your right – left sidedness. That’s fine. Becoming aware of your dominant mode is the important thing.
It helps you understand:

1. How to go about tackling problems
2. Why you perceive situations as you do
3. How to work out relationships
4. Why some career choices are more appealing than others
Just get to know you dominate side and play with growing the lesser side of your brain.

A teacher, in front of a classroom, attempts to explain the evils of alcohol. She holds a squirmy worm above a glass of water and another worm above a glass of tequila. She drops the worm in water and the worm is fine. She drops the other worm into the tequila and the worm soon stops moving and dies.

Then the teacher asks, “What can we learn from this experiment?”
One student raises his hand and says, “Water is good, tequila is bad.” Another student raises his hand and says, “If you drink tequila, you’ll never have worms.” The child that said that drinking tequila reduces your chance of getting worms would be a right brain child.

“Hello I am a virus and I am entering your brain right now . . . sorry I will leave, I can’t find a brain.”
Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009

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