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Learn to: Act Not React. Create More Time. Take Command of You Time. Set Realistic Measurable Goals. These wonderful easy to learn strategies will make your hours and days more Fun. . . More Efficient. . . More Productive.
When I apply these strategies my life works. When I become inattentive to the strategies, it doesn’t.
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2nd Half of 30 Days to Peace of Mind

3. March to your own Drum
Let’s suppose you hear a different drummer; Henry David Thoreau said,
“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears; however measured or far away”
After all, the drummer is the small voice within calling us. When we pay no attention, our external experiences take the form of:
●    Unrest
●    Dis ease
●    Resentments
●    Worry
●    Fear
Just think about this, a burning desire may be the drummer within, the small voice saying. “Hear me”

4. Take a Personal Inventory
One more important consideration: are you willing to pay the price for a richer fuller life?
If so, Make a list of things you’re willing to do to bring about change.
Are you willing to:
A. Spend time?
B. Spend energy?
C. Exercise self disciple?
D. Plan time for meditation and discovery of your inner self.
You decide. Are you willing to pay the asking price for this lot you’ve picked out?
If you are, then make a commitment. In real estate it’s called making an offer. You offer earnest money and a written offer.
In real life the offer you make is to you.  Make a commitment and go for it.

5. Constant vigil on you thoughts
Look no further; whatever happens in your life, you are responsible. Your thinking controls your life. If you harbor fears and negativity then you life will manifest corresponding negativity.
So it adds up to this, If you maintain thoughts of joy and positivism, your life will manifest positive things. This is not a theory; it is truth. Until you stop blaming others for your life, you will never be able to produce the sort of Blueprint for Living you want.

Thoughts are things. You can live a life full of joy, peace of mind and abundance or one of sadness, worries and lack. The choice is yours. Choose your thoughts wisely.
Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009

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Five Steps to Peace of Mind 1st half

Five Steps to Peace Of Mind


You can help yourself. You can bring about magnificent changes by taking some really simple steps.

Wouldn’t you like to remain calm and serene no matter what was going on in your world? Well it is possible to enjoy peace of mind, to live in the “I’ of life’s storm.

Five Steps to Peace of Mind
Change your thinking and you change your life.

1. Stop worrying
Worry is a waste of the magical power of thinking.
Are you one of the millions who constantly subject your mind to unnecessary wear and tear by the constant whirling of worry thoughts?
Worry is like a drill boring a hole, round and round it goes and into the subconscious mind goes nothing of value, the subconscious mind cannot create a hole in your external life.

The Screw Theory
Visualize a drill boring into a piece of wood. If you drill half way, the board will still hold. If you drill all the way through the board will hold nothing.
Think of the board as your mind, if you continue drilling with the vicious cycle of worry, worry, and more worry you reach a point where the mind cannot hold a positive thought.
You must learn to stop all worry thoughts at the door of your mind.
Stop them before they drill holes into your subconscious mind. Start sending your subconscious mind thoughts it can build on.
Many worriers lack faith which leads to constant fear and worry.
Find peace of mind in just 30 days. Live free of stress & worry

2. Start Meditating
Find time for quiet time, meditation, reading. Enjoy a time of quiet without the jangle of the constant voice chatter in your head.
Peace of mind is a state of inner calm and tranquility. Also, it is a sense of freedom. A place where thoughts and worries go away.
A place where there is no:
 Stress
 Strain
 Fear
This state of mind can happen to you. Maybe it already has and you didn’t recognize it. You’re striving to learn how to find a quiet time and a way to go to a place that is planned and yours on demand.

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2nd Half of Eye Contact

Besides touch, eye contact is the most powerful way of delivering personal cues.
Eye contact shows personal involvement and creates intimate bonds. Mutual gazing narrows physical gaps. It brings people closer.
The eyes play an indispensable role in effective communication and the building relationships.
The look of love; remember that look and the physical wham when wordlessly you knew you were attracted.
What can you say with the eyes? Eye contact says to the other person:
I am interested in you
I respect you
I trust you
You have my attention
I value you
Then there is the avoidance of eye contact like the elevator stare. Fear of making eye contact with strangers and wild animals. Eye contact can be perceived as a challenge a precursor to aggression.
We probe each others eyes for mood signs like:
Trust can be developed almost immediately through eye contact.
Flirting a coy glance can be the beginning of all sorts of things
Bonding eye contact immediately brings two people closer
Feedback on how others are receiving you.
Winking says you and I know.
Our eyes are wonderful gifts. They help us express our feelings of:
And much more, without a word.
Not maintaining eye contact in this country carries the connotation that the person is not trustworthy.
In other countries maintaining eye contact may be considered rude and disrespectful.
What does eye movement mean?
Eye contact gives you valuable clues as to what a person is thinking.
Kinesthetic people tend to look down
Visual people tend to look up
Auditory people tend to look sideways
People who look left to gather thoughts tend to be religious, artistic. They are most likely remembering.
People who look to the right tend to be scientific
People who look up and right may be constructing or making up an answer.
Eye contact can mean permission to speak or it can be a command; like when you say to someone “look at me when I’m talking to you.”
We’re demanding their attention; also, that they join us at a deeper level.
People who are autistic or have social anxiety problems experience trouble maintaining eye contact as do liars.
When might you want to make eye contact?
When you want to say hello without a word.
To exchange a warm greeting
In the store to brighten someone’s day
At dinner
In an interview
At a party
Playing a team sport
When might you want to avoid eye contact?
Walking down a dark alley
Face to face with a bear or other predatory animal
While driving
Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“On of the most wonderful things in nature is the glace of the eye; it transcends speech; it is the bodily symbol of identity.”
You can learn to maintain good eye contact. Practice doing it.
Make eye contact and smile at a stranger, can’t hurt.
Maintaining eye contact helps keep you focused on what the other person is saying; rather than thinking ahead to what you want to say.
In Western culture a shifty eyed person is judged badly; they are suspicious, up to no good.
Mahatma Gandhi:
“An eye for an eye and soon the whole world is blind.”
Benjamin Franklin:
“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards.”
In our society there is an increased need for interaction. Think of the joy you can spread by making eye contact and a smiling at the checker in the store, the wait person, or a passer by on the street.
It sends positive vibes. It is a sign of a confident person
Build self confidence . . . Practice eye contact

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Horse Sense & A Free E book

Using Horse Sense

W.C. Fields:
“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”

Doesn’t that seem to be the theme of a lot of pushy sales copy? One has to wonder, what’s in it for me?

Learn to use horse sense to make decisions. Here are horse sense rules to use, along with your common sense, to survive the avalanche of outrageous sales pitches, outright scams and abundant junk that’s out there.

Here’s a couple of quotes that say it well:

W.C. Fields:
sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.”

Author Unknown:

“Horse sense is stable thinking”

We live at such a hurried pace, in the world of instant gratification and constant fear that opportunities will pass us by if we don’t pull out our credit card right now.

Whoa Nellie, let’s get back to some Horse Sense or Common Sense.

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The Power of I Contact

Learn the Power of Eye Contact – What is eye contact?

Several popular definitions are:
1. Eye contact is one of the most important nonverbal channels you have for communicating and connecting with others.
2. Defined as a meeting of the eyes between two people expresses meaningful nonverbal communication.
3. Contact that occurs when two people look directly at each other or when two people or animals look into each others eye at the same time.
4. It is the condition or action of looking another human or animal in the eye.
5. Linda Eve Diamond:
“The cheapest, most effective way to connect with people is to look them in the eye.”

What does eye contact do?
Eye contact can trigger:

Eye contact is two souls touching. Imagine, all the power your eyes hold.
Of all the ways we communicate, eye contact maybe the most powerful. The first step in establishing communication is eye contact.

Communication with pets and animals is with eye contact, and depending on the animal you maintain or avoid contact.

Did you ever look at a horse and know that your souls had communicated?
Have you ever looked at your dog and known that the two of you connected at a spiritual level?

My best friend and I can communicate volumes with just a glance.

So are the eyes a window to the soul? I’d say so.
What is the power of eye contact? Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“An eye can threaten like a loaded gun, or it can insult like hissing or kicking or in its altered mood, be a beam of kindness. It can make the heart dance for joy.”

Words will probably never be found to communicate what actually transpires when you are communicating with another living creature through eye contact. Maybe it should it be “I” contact?

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Way Ahead of Schedule T A G E courses Now Available

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Your attitude is showing. Here’s how to improve it.
Learn How to Adjust Your Attitude Step by Step.
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Your attitude is always showing. Here’s a sure fire way to uncover the secrets of how to change it.
Five remarkable lessons that show you exactly how to have an attitude that everyone will love. A new you emerges and your success is a given. End your Stinking Thinking once and for all. Open you mind being a better you in all you do. Walk tall and carry a big attitude. Quick and Easy lessons, simple steps that explode old negative attitudes and uncover the secrets of a new positive attitude. Your life will never be the same. People and opportunities will be drawn to you like never before. Wake up every day with surplus energy and a smile on your face. What are you waiting for? Take it to the bank. Your new attitude will attract prosperity and success like a magnet. Would you like to be one of the select few who have already been energized and transformed by the Lessons in this E course? Will you do it? Not everyone will. Attitude Adjustment E course is an easy cure for depression and poor me thinking. Powerful lessons, delivered step by step in an easy to understand style.
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Reason One: Wee Dilts is a teacher, counselor, has a masters in psychology and is a sales trainer. Reason Two: She wrote the T A G training manuals and taught franchise owners and their agents in the three day sales training, consisting of Time Management, Attitude Adjustment and Goal Setting. This remarkable E course quickly and easily shows you how to adjust your attitude to Winner status in five step by step lessons:
Lesson One – How to Journal for Success
Lesson Two – How to Meditate for Peace of Mind
Lesson Three – How to Make Things Right
(Personal Inventory and Amends)
Lesson Four – How to Create an Attitude for Success
Lesson Five – How to Utilize Your New Attitude

These five amazing strategies on how to change your attitude will change

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How to Stop Smoking

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Some One out there asked me to post the No Smoking Article, so Here it is. I hope it helps. I was a three pack a day smoker, but NO MORE

Your Quit Smoking Action Plan
Want to know how to quit smoking?Here are some Extremely important steps to Stop smoking.
Follow them closely to ensure that you will be successful in quitting smoking.

Set a quit date: This should be in the not-too-distant future. Try to set it during a time when you predict that you will be under relatively low stress, if possible. The first 72 hours will be  the most difficult. The day you receive your patches is a great day to start!

Remove temptation: Throw away all cigarettes (including that emergency stash!) and clean your house and car so you can remove as much of the odor as you can.

Join a smoking cessation program: These come in many shapes and sizes. Find the one that’s right for you. The most important thing is that you are able to track your progress by documenting it and sharing it.

Find support: This can also come in many forms. If you choose to, join a website, it will most likely have a support group. Perhaps you can also convince a friend to quit smoking with you, so you can go through it together. Remember: you can never have too much support. It’s also important that your smoker friends realize that you are trying to quit, so
they can attempt to hide the temptation from you.

Start using Zero Nicotine stop smoking patches: The Zero Nicotine patch is a great way to assist you through the process of quitting because it is formulated to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while cleansing the system of all smoking-related toxins.

Adjust your behavior: You can have all the resources at your disposal to quit smoking, but without the right behavior, none of them will work.

You have to WANT to quit, and you have to be determined to follow through.

Find replacement activities (besides eating): Join a gym, start jogging, join a team.
Many people argue that they don’t quit smoking because they don’t want to gain weight, but as long as you don’t replace the physical act of putting cigarette to mouth with putting food to mouth, you won’t have to worry about this. Becoming active will also make you feel better about your body and keep your mind off smoking.

Take it one day at a time: Once the day comes that you have to give up the cigarettes, just keep in mind that with every minute that you go without cigarettes,your body is healing itself and you will begin the reap the many rewards of a happier and healthier life style.

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You’re invited, in this E course, to find the new you, who is focused,
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Your guide to an outstanding sense of accomplishment.

Discover the empowerment of feeling good. How’s that sound?

Does it sound like you? No, well it could be.

In this outstanding E course you’ll learn how to make success a habit.
Right away,you’ll come to believe in your self. How you can make your life
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Tired of the daily struggle? You can overcome your personal struggles
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You’re never to young or too old to change your life. And the secrets of
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Are you tired of being tired. Are you ready to break out of the treadmill.You can do it today.

Learn exactly how to set goals and enjoy tons of energy.
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Why are you still waiting? There will never be a better time than now to
change your life. You can create a new life starting right now.

Feeling overwhelmed and under achieved? No More do you need to feel that
way. Learn to set and achieve goals and feel a sense of accomplishment like never before. Enjoy optimum performance every day.

How’s your sense of humor? Do you find yourself smiling and laughing
during the day? No?

Once you discover the secrets of how to set goals, you’ll soon find yourself
laughing and enjoying yourself and those around you. Imagine having a
good laugh at least once a day.

It really feels good to feel good.
You’ll self esteem and self confidence will soar as at the end of the day when you realize how much you accomplished and how much closer you are to attaining your goals. Life is good.

When I started setting goals I went from a lack luster sales person to the
top producer in a major Real Estate company in San Diego County CA.

Good News!When I apply these strategies my life works. When I become
inattentive to the strategies, it doesn’t.

Those minutes, hours, days,weeks and years that flew by and I wondered
where the time went.
Those lofty dreams I never achieved and my insistence that“ they” did it to me, they stopped me from achieving my goals. What Bunk!

The truth was I had no concept of how to manage my time, how to take
responsibility for my attitude, nor how to achieve a goal.
I had three degrees before I took time management class and before I was
introduced to attitude adjustment and goal setting.

So Discover for yourself what we’re offering.
Do yourself a favor and take this E course. It’s very affordable.

Make success a habit. See how quickly your life will change when you learn the secrets of setting achievable goals.

How To Be A Better You In All You Do

Your goal setting E course will be offered in a series of (6) clear concise
Lesson One – What Are Goals?
Lesson Two – Writing Achievable Goals
Lesson Three – Eight Life Areas
Lesson Four – Facing Fears
Lesson Five – Factors Affecting Goals
Lesson Six – How to Prospect – Go for Gold
You complete each lesson at your own pace and in your own time.
Each lesson gives you powerful tools with which to write your achievable
goals. Available NOW.

Who needs to set goals? Well actually everyone needs to set goals.

Thanks for letting me take the trail E course. I an’t even begin to tell you how much I accomplish in a day. I’m not in sales so I thought it wouldn’t apply. Boy was I wrong. I am applying it to my housework,my kids school events, cleaning my house and tackling my daily chores. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. DK

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Here’s the truth of this training;Utilizing the Goal setting system in this E
course since 1984, I have:
• Achieved the statusof top producer for a major real estate company
in San Diego County.
• Created a real estate franchise.
• Wrote the franchise manuals.
• Developed and conducted training for the franchise owners and their
• Created the Original Flat Fee MLS listing service program for “ For
Sale by Owners.”
• Conducted self improvement seminars and individual counseling.
• Opened and maintained my own business for twenty plus years.
• Presently I work entirely from my home. I have total control of my
time and I have ample free time for other interests.
• Taken two major vacations each year for many years.
• Written forty self help E books available at
• I have written two children’s stories, Three Sci-Fiction books, several
short stories and numerous articles. I’m presently working on more.
• Become a passable acrylic painter.
• Become a good photographer.
Am I tired?No. But I would be if I didn’t practice the Time Management,
Attitude Adjustment and Goal setting strategies offered in these three

T A G E courses.

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